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Experiences of a Actor in Training

This is from a journal entry I wrote for my Acting 1 class at North Greenville with Amy Dunlap the Fall 2015 semester.
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Sitting there on the couch, I knew I needed to concentrate on the task in front of me. Looking at the script in front of me, I tried to imagine what the character could be feeling.


Was she saying what she was really feeling? Was there some emotion hidden behind the words on the page? If I could read her thoughts as she talked with the other character, what would I see?

I analyzed what she felt about the other character and how this would influence her thoughts and words. What did her words reveal and what were they hiding? Why would she react to the other character in a certain way?

Exploring the different feelings and thoughts of the character was an interesting and exciting experience I had never really had before.
The triumph and excitement I felt when I believed I had uncovered the character’s inner emotions was exhilarating.

Finally, I would better be able to better understand the character’s motives now that I realized her true feeling and thoughts, and therefore better play the character


I am a college student who enjoys hiking, reading, writing, hanging out with family and friends, music, and new experiences.

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