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Climbing Higher

I leaned back against the tree trunk and straddled the branch. Peeping through the other branches, I was treated with the view of a shimmering lake. However, I wasn’t content.

The branches above me intrigued me. If I could only climb higher…

I confidently gripped the next branch and began my ascent.

As I climbed, I tried to find a better place to sit down and enjoy the view than where I had been sitting. The arrangement of the branches refused me such pleasure.

I finally decided I had climbed high enough and decided to climb down. That, however, proved to be a challenge.

The wind didn’t help comfort me, but instead made me more fearful as I inched down the tree a branch at a time, trying to avoid both falling and touching a vine I worried might possibly be poison ivy.

Finally, I made it safely to the bottom. I promised myself I would never climb that high again.

Of course, I would probably try it again. Just wait a week.


I am a college student who enjoys hiking, reading, writing, hanging out with family and friends, music, and new experiences.

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