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Question 03-26-16

What is your favorite number and why?

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My new companion

This was from a prompt we used in a college group Lit Bits.

“Look here!” my cat glared at me.

I was stunned, naturally. How in the world could my cat look at me this way?

“I’m tired of hearing all your secrets. Why would I care that you like him? I promise you, I don’t. I hate hearing about you going on walks with out me. I mean, why would you care about him more than a cat! And then you think you can just talk with me and expect me to just listen without a word. Well I’m tired of it!”

My darling cat. Just yelling at me. I couldn’t believe it! How could he speak in such a rude tone of voice.

“But I trusted you.”

“And why? You think I care about your life when you walk out with him and desert me. Do you bore him with your secrets? He probably doesn’t listen. I mean, he’s a dog!”