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The Adventure of Life

She had been on the trail for many years now. Eighteen to be exact.

So far, she had enjoyed it: listening to the birds, basking in the wonderful views, spending time with fellow hikers.

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She had no specific destination, but she enjoyed the adventure. Life was beautiful just the way it was.

One day, she discovered a certain stirring in her soul, an urge for something more. She wanted a goal, somewhere to go, instead of just meandering around the woods. She wanted a purpose.

But there were so many trails to choose from. So many destinations she could strive for.¬†What if she chose the wrong one? What if she started on a trail, only twenty miles in to find this isn’t what she really wanted?

She wanted a companion, but she had be be careful in this choice too. What if they grew to enjoy being together only to want later to go different paths?

She had a decision to make. She could keep meandering, having no purpose, or trust the Maker of the trail to guide her each step.

She picked up her backpack and strapped it on her back. It was time to make a change.


I am a college student who enjoys hiking, reading, writing, hanging out with family and friends, music, and new experiences.

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