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The Truth about Finals

You probably saw the title and expected some article saying how your test grades or GPA doesn’t define you.

What about a list of lessons we can learn from finals week….if we dare to learn them.

The Importance of Staying Organized

It’s midnight. You have a chemistry final in eight hours. You’ve only studied for two.
You glance at the fifty piles of papers scattered on your desk, among your shelves, and maybe even in your closet. Feeling your already rising anxiety build, you wonder which ones contain your old tests you’ve been meaning to sort out in that binder you bought at the beginning of the semester but hardly ever use.
While this may or may not be an extreme example, it still illustrates how staying organized throughout the semester can benefit come finals week…or any time for that matter.

The Benefits of Time Management

Two finals tomorrow…..and not to mention that huge final project worth 30% of your class grade you’ve only partially completed due the next day.
No wonder all-nighters are so tempting finals week.
If there is any time college students most regret those countless hours on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest it’s probably finals week, not to mention those times in the student center complaining about how much they have to do instead of actually writing those papers.

The Difference Between Cramming and Learning

Because if you had actually learned the themes in “Beowulf” instead of just cramming it an hour before the first Brit Lit test you might actually remember it now. Enough said.

The truth about finals: we can learn some great life lessons or just complain about how finals are unfair because how in the world can we actually remember all the material we learned almost four months ago.


I am a college student who enjoys hiking, reading, writing, hanging out with family and friends, music, and new experiences.

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